Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tony Winner Sutton Foster sings about her love of levers!

Does anyone have "Tony" fever after watching the Tony's this past Sunday?  Well, even if you're not a fan you still might appreciate the video below from Tony winner Sutton Foster as she talks about levers.  She even explains how our arms are levers (as are our legs, and our whole bodies!)  Check it out in this article from!

Tony winner Sutton Foster recently hopped off the Anything Goes cruise liner and headed down to Sesame Street to pay a visit to her furry friend Elmo. While on the scene in TV's most famous neighborhood, Foster helped educate Elmo about the importance of levers with an old-fashioned song and dance number. Foster proclaims herself a "lever lover" and tells the adorable puppet about their many useful functions. After her tearful Tony acceptance speech, did you think Foster couldn't be any more adorable? Think again! Click below to watch the clip!

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