Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy July!

We hope everyone had a great celebration this past weekend!  Hopefully this week you can get back into the swing of your fitness routine if you took a break over the holiday :)

STOTT Pilates is offering 25% off alll foam roller products this month, so if you don't already have a foam roller, now is a great time to have us order you one!  Foam rollers can be used for exercise, stretching, and even rolling out muscles for an at-home massage (my favorite!).  The smaller ones are even pretty easy to travel with, especially if you are taking an active vacation involving hiking, biking, running, or a lot of walking around.  STOTT Pilates also has some DVDs available to take you through a foam roller workout.  If you want help ordering, give us a call at 801-942-0275.

Here is the STOTT Pilates exercise of the month, using a foam roller (don't fall off!):

Bend & Stretch on Foam Roller™

Targets obliques and multifidus to resist rotation; hip and knee extensors and flexors; hip adductors

  • Supine (on back) on Foam Roller, imprinted position, hands on Mat. Legs laterally rotated with knees flexed and ankles dorsiflexed (feet flexed).
  • INHALE to prepare
  • EXHALE Extend legs on a diagonal, as low as imprint can be maintained and gently point toes, keeping heels together.
  • INHALE Flex knees and dorsiflex ankles (flex feet).
    Complete 5-8 repetitions alternating sides.
Remember to start your workout with a warmup routine.
Go to www.merrithew.com/warmup

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