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Butt Exercises in Bed

Don't want to get out of bed this weekend?  You can still do some butt exercises!  

This article cracked me up, but has accurate information from  Plus, it mentions one of our STOTT Pilates exercises for your rear end!  Always remember to keep your abdominals engaged while working your glutes--otherwise it is easy to overuse your low back muscles and compress your lumbar spine too much.  


Butt Exercises in Bed
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When your doctor prescribes bed rest, your butt muscles need not suffer from inactivity. A little bit of creativity goes a long way when it comes to creating exercises in bed. Your bed springs add a balance challenge to your gluteal muscle workout, and the height of your bed increases the range of motion of some of the exercises.


The heel squeeze exercise, which comes from the Stott Pilates method, teaches you how to voluntarily contract your butt muscles. Lie prone on your bed with your knees bent and separated, and your heels together. Rest your head on a pillow for neck support. Contract your gluteal muscles by pressing your heels together. Hold the contraction for 10 seconds, then relax. To progress the exercise, lift both knees and thighs off the bed as you press your heels against each other.


Physical therapists at the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma use the prone hang as a rehabilitation exercise after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, but a few modifications turn it into an effective butt workout. Lie prone at the edge of the bed, and let your legs hang toward the floor. Contract your gluteal muscles and lift both legs to the height of the bed. Use control and lower them back to the starting position. To add variety to the exercise, adjust your legs so they turn out, with your heels together and your feet turned away from each other.


Your bed adds fun and variety to the traditional bridge exercise. To improve your balance, lie supine on your bed with your knees bent and your feet on a pillow. Contract your butt and abdominal muscles and peel your spine away from the bed, until you create a bridge position. Sense each vertebra sinking into the bed as you return to the starting position. To increase the range of motion of the exercise, bend your knees, place your feet against the wall and perform the same movement. Add challenge to each variation by performing the exercise on one leg at a time.


The side leg raise targets the gluteus medius, the muscle group responsible for abducting or moving your leg away from your body's center. When performed on the ground, the floor limits the range of motion of the exercise. Your bed adds challenge by increasing the range of motion. Lie on your left side near the edge of your bed. Bend your left knee and lower your straight right leg toward the floor. Slowly raise your right leg to the height of the bed, and lower it with control.

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