Thursday, November 3, 2011

STOTT Pilates exercise of the Month!

Exercise of the Month: Breast Stroke Prep with Toning Balls™

Targets mid and upper back erector spinae

  • Prone (lying on your stomach) with pelvis in neutral. Arms bent, hands by shoulders resting on Toning Balls, elbows hovering slightly. Legs extended along Mat, adducted or abducted hip distance apart, parallel.
  • INHALE Stabilize scapulae and apply slight pressure on Toning Balls keeping them still on Mat. Lengthen and extend thoracic and cervical spine, allow ribs to open while keeping bottom rib in contact with Mat
  • EXHALE Maintain spinal extension and extend elbows rolling Toning Balls forward       
  • INHALE Flex elbows
  • EXHALE Lengthen back down onto Mat
    Complete 5-8 repetitions
Remember to start your workout with a warmup routine.
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