Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Health & Fitness Apps

Health & Fitness Apps

It's pretty amazing what kind of technology and information are available to us so readily today!  Even three years ago when I was preparing for my certification exam in Pilates, I didn't have access to the great anatomy apps that I have today!  I thought I'd share with you some of the apps I've been liking lately, and hope that you will all share some of your favorites, too!

Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D by Real Bodywork

I love this app for reviewing and learning anatomy.  It's great because you can view the muscle not only in 3D, but also in their layers from deepest to most superficial.  You can view the entire body from head toe in one part, or break it down by arm, leg, torso, etc.  After viewing the muscles, you can also watch their actions, and then you can take quizzes on identifying the muscles, figuring out their actions, the spelling, and more!


Easy 10K with Jeff Galloway

I just downloaded this app a couple weeks ago and I am loving it!  I haven't been running much this year (and I have never been much of a runner to begin with).  Part of my problem is that I get very bored with running, and part of my problem is that I never seem to get to that "Zen"-like state--trust me, I've tried!  I've run 6, 8, 10 miles on multiple occasions and just never seem to feel those endorphins.  So, back to the app, I love it because Jeff Galloway's approach is to run one minute and walk one minute.  It surprised me how much I love that format--I run faster when I'm running cause I know it's only for 1 minute, but then I enjoy the whole workout a lot more because my body feels great!  The workouts are set up 3 times per week to prepare you for a 10K in 13 weeks.  I'm not really preparing for a race, but it's a great format to get me running again.  I also love that I can upload my own iPod music (or choose from the app's music), and then the BPMs are calculated to match my running and walking.  You can also turn on/off prompts from Jeff Galloway telling you when to run/walk and things to think about to improve your technique and experience.


My Net Diary (Pro)

This is a great app for tracking your meals and calorie intake.  What I love about it is the ability to scan the barcode on food that has it, then you just confirm the information that comes up and enter your serving consumed.  It also stores your commonly eaten foods, and you can put together recipes you cook with multiple ingredients for easier tracking when you eat the same recipe again.  You can also track your exercise, water consumed, measurements, and more!

All Recipes

I love this app when I need a new idea for a meal.  It's so easy to search for a recipe based on what ingredients you have at hand, or based on reviews, or even by special dietary needs (no gluten, vegan, etc.).


This is a great app for people who need new ideas for a workout at home or at the gym.  You can decide which part of your body you want to strengthen, and the app will give you examples of exercises--you can see pictures, watch a video of how to perform the exercise, and also read a description of the exercise.  Then you can track your workout and save it to repeat at a future date!

Do you use any of these apps?  If you have any other suggestions of apps you've fallen in love with please share them with us!

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