Friday, March 11, 2011


Sometimes we all need to be taken care of, even if we have to take care of ourselves.  I'm having one of those days where I don't even feel good enough to spend 2 hours getting a mani/pedi, because it would require that I be in public, and sitting, instead of lying down.  Yikes!  Here are some of my favorite things for when I'm feeling like I need a little at-home pampering!  (They make great gifts, too!)  If you have any great ideas for when you're in  need of a little pampering, please share them in the comments!

One of my clients introduced me to this organic and decadent body care from The Body Deli (Thanks, Sue!).  The store is in California, but you can order their products from their website at  My client started me with some irresistable spice bar soap, which not only exfoliates my skin and smells delicious, it makes the whole shower smell delicious, too!  Even my husband remarked how good it made the shower smell as the bar of soap just sat on the shelf (most likely scoffing at his body wash).  She also got me some delicious pumpkin body scrub, which she followed up with the dark chocolate body scrub.  It makes your shower or bath feel like an at-home spa and my skin is so soft after use! com

Another treat I discovered when you need a little hot/cold therapy are these aromatherapy stuffed animals.  I'm not much of a stuffed animal person, but I found a super soft teddy bear that smelled so calming, and I don't regret buying him for an instant!  More comforting than your typical heating pad, or homemade square of material filled with rice, these animals smell good, are super soft, can be used hot or cold, and are adorable to boot!  Find your favorite animal, or buy one for a friend so they don't have to feel silly about buying one for themself!
When I'm tired, I crave caffeine and soda pop to wake me up, but if I get my head together I remember that adding freshly sliced lemon to my water makes me feel even better.  The lemon actually helps reduce bloating as well, so you get hydrated, feel skinnier, and your water has a refreshing lemon flavor that is invigorating as well!

Craving some decadent food?  Try melting dark chocolate (you can even use a mini-crockpot!) and dipping fresh strawberries.  Berries and dark chocolate offer a lot of antioxidants and they make you feel so spoiled!

I LOVE hot baths to reduce tension, calm nerves, even motivate me!  I love to add a little baby bath for bubbles (and scent) or even some Dr. Teal's Aromatherapy Salts.  They both add a luxurious scent to your bath as well as softening skin.  Sometimes I'll light some candles to help calm my nerves, and adding a neck pillow will help your neck and shoulders relax (or rolling up a bath towel behind your head works, too!).  Playing music or reading a book can be great, too!  After your bath, use a foam roller or tennis ball to work out knots in your muscles.  It's a great time to massage out those trigger points because your muscles are warmer and pliable (especially if you've been drinking some lemon water!)  Have you tried lying down with a tennis ball at the base of your skull?  It shouldn't take long to find the tight spots where your neck muscles attach--then just slowly rock your head back and forth and let that tennis ball release the built-up tension.

I hope some of these will work for you, too!  Enjoy your weekend!

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