Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a Rainy Day

Whenever it's raining hard enough to keep me inside, this song from Sesame Street pops right into my head--does anyone else remember it?

If you are stuck inside today here is a fun recipe I found to make bread that looks like a panda bear!

While you're baking, you can listen to some new music AND help protect the environment by purchasing music through this new program from Patagonia:

Patagonia has teamed up with a group of musicians to create Patagonia Music. Artists donate exclusive versions of songs—Patagonia says you won't find these songs anywhere else—to the Patagonia Music Collective. When a listener purchases one of the songs on iTunes, a portion of the sales goes to an environmental group.
Some of the musicians so far are Ziggy Marley, Phillip Glass, Pearl Jam, Maroon 5, and Brett Dennen.
You can preview some of the tracks in thePatagonia music player.
How do YOU beat the blues on a rainy day?  I'd love to hear your suggestions since the most tempting thing is to curl up in front of the TV and do nothing!  

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