Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bunny Bradley Pilates Scholarship

Hi Everyone!

We are excited to announce and invite you to be a part of the ‘Bunny Bradley Pilates Scholarship'.  Many of us knew Bunny, and were touched by her passion and love for fitness; specifically STOTT PILATES, the human body, and helping others. This scholarship is a way to remember Bunny and all that she lived for, as well as spread the benefits of Pilates to many others. 

The scholarship will be for a STOTT PILATES Certification Course at Intermountain Pilates Training Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The application is open to all who are interested and can be for any Level 1 course; Intensive Reformer, Intensive Mat Plus, or Cadillac,Chair, & Barrels.  The student must submit a 500 word essay to info@iptconline.com and must be submitted between May 17th-July 1st.  No essays will be taken after the July 1st deadline.  

We would love for you to spread the word to anyone who may be interested.  If you have any questions please contact Jenny Carr or Jenna Hansen at Intermountain Pilates Training Center.  Thank you so much for your continued support.


Intermountain Pilates Training Center  


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