Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Eating!

So I started taking baby steps to eat less sugar, less gluten, and less dairy, and to eat organic as much as possible.  I've always been pretty good at eating all things in moderation, but as of late I've felt the need to just TRY to improve even more.  I'm also not an all-or-nothing person, thus the 'baby steps' to achieve this goal.  It's been about a month and I'm starting to feel better, I'm cooking more, and making better use of the food I purchase.

A couple of things have helped me through this change:

I signed up for Tagge's Famous Fruit CSA box weekly here
Because I don't have a garden, this allows me to pick up organic, locally grown produce every week!  Tagge's gives me the ripest crops for that week, and I then eat them up raw, steamed, and used in new recipes.  I love it!  They have a pick up down the street from our studio, which makes it really convenient for me to pick up, but they have other pick-ups all across the valley.  I know there are lots of other co-ops and farms where you can get locally grown produce, which I think is great not only for your own health, but great for our local economy!  I love the local farmer's market to pick up extra produce, as well, and to support local artisans.

I also LOVE this website I found for recipes that are gluten and sugar-free!  Yesterday I made the recipe for homemade banana cherry frozen yogurt and it was so yummy!  The only ingredients are Yogurt, frozen bananas, and frozen cherries.  Tart, but just sweet enough :)

PLEASE share with us if you have other great ideas to help cook/eat healthier options.  Do you use a co-op? Do you know of a great website or have a great recipe to share?  What about restaurants that offer a great variety of gluten-free, sugar-free, or dairy-free options?

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