Friday, December 9, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Christmas Gifts???

I thought this article on was pretty interesting--Patagonia is encouraging people not to buy brand new items unless it is really necessary.  Made me wonder--are any of you practicing re-using, re-cycling, and re-gifting this christmas instead of shopping for brand new items?  



Tonight, Patagonia and eBay announced a new partnership, the Common Threads Initiative. Together, they asked owners of fleece and Gore-Tex everywhere to pledge to reduce consumption, reuse old gear, recyclerepairwhat's broken, and reimagine a world where people don't stress the earth with purchases.
Yes, you read correctly. Patagonia is asking us not to buy their stuff, or any stuff, unless we really need it. And then they're asking us to buy used stuff when we can. And they're asking us to sell those still warm puffys and barely frayed packs gathering dust in the back of our closets on eBay, to a troller who will buy an old jacket instead of buying a new one.
To show they really mean it, Patagonia and eBay have partnered on a Patagonia-specific resale site powered by eBay that you can access from Patagonia's website. But there is one catch--you have to pledge to the five "Rs" to use it.
Patagonia wants 50,000 pledgers this year. Sign today, and whether or not you start bidding, you'll be one of the first. But don't just sign so you can get first dibs on nearly new gear which for the next few days is probably mostly from the Patagonia sample racks. Think about what you're agreeing to, and like Patagonia, walk your talk. 
-Berne Broudy
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