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5 Ways to Have the Healthiest Lazy Day Ever

The holidays, though magical, are stressful!  So when you finally take a day off, don't feel guilty giving yourself a break!  Here are some zero guilt ways to de-stress yourself before you wreck yourself...(thanks to

5 Ways to Have the Healthiest Lazy Day Ever

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Are you taking any time off for the holidays? If you're looking forward to a few days of not waking up to the beep of an alarm clock, or rushing madly out the door to battle traffic, or--oh, I'll just say it--not doing anything at all, fear not: a lot of things that seem lazy really aren't. Especially when it comes to your health!
I used to live for vacations because it meant one very glorious thing: sleeping in. Of course, that was pre-babies. I long for laziness, ladies (it will again be mine someday!), and here's one of the reasons why: these lazy-day activities are actually good for you.
1: Sleep in. Otherwise known as heaven. Logging lots of shuteye comes with a slew of benefits: it may help keep you at a healthy weight (or even help you lose weight), it could boost your memory, it'll give you more stamina at your next workout and it could even improve your sex life.
2: Linger over breakfast. Breakfast is important, of course--breakfast-skippers don't get the energy boost that breakfast-eaters do (or the possibility of burning more calories all day long!). But enjoying a nice, slow breakfast--i.e., not gulped while running between your car and the office--can help you, too: eating slowly means better digestion and more food satisfaction (you'll feel fuller, longer).
3: Go to the movies. Research has shown that watching a comedy--and laughing!--reduces the amount of stress hormones in your body, replacing them instead with the kinds that make you feel good. It may even lower blood pressure. And don't forget to snack! Just not on the 1500-calorie buttered popcorn. Try the smart snack pack at AMC theaters, which includes fruit chips, water, and popped corn chips.
4: Read a book. Studies point out that reading lowers stress levels and might even stimulate brain cells to help prevent memory loss.
5: Snuggle up. And do nothing else. Warm blankie, check. Slippers, check. Significant other, check. A recent study showed that every minute spent hugging and cuddling your loved one results in marked levels of reduced stress and anxiety, plus lowered blood pressure. Snuggling with Fido and Fluffy totally count, too.
What are your favorite lazy-day activities? Is there anything you're really looking forward to this winter break?

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