Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Client Spotlight: Natalie Surut

Our first client spotlight is Natalie Surut!  Natalie has impressed us with her commitment to being in Pilates class, and her focus when she is here.  We think she is a great example of taking steps every day toward a healthy life!

Natalie started working out at about age 13 doing a lot of cardio and aerobic-type classes, because she felt overweight when she was younger.  Though her dad is a "health-food nut", he didn't really exercise regularly, but he supported Natalie by helping her with a gym  membership because she wanted to exercise.  About a year ago, she saw a flyer for Intermountain Pilates Training Center and thought she'd try a class.  She says she fell in love with it right away, and that Pilates has transformed her body more than any of her past fitness activities.  

Natalie says she feels that she is "...building a foundation for the rest of her life with Pilates...if you start at a certain point and just keep working for your whole life at it, it's not gonna be so much trying to get in shape when I'm older, it will just be maintaining being in shape.  I think of it as an investment."  Natalie says she feels like Pilates strengthens her entire body, and in the past her performance in other activities she enjoys, like skiing and rock climbing, wasn't half as good as it is now.  "I think a lot of it's just because I've strengthened all those little muscles that no one ever pays attention to."  

Natalie also loves to do Pilates as a way to help her relax and refocus.  "It's totally a mind-body experience, and it allows me to kind of get rid of all the excess junk and all the things that don't really matter like worrying about school and other stresses, and I can just kind of focus on myself."

Natalie would recommend Pilates to others because it's "...the whole completely transforms your body and your ability to perform.  It's a necessary accessory to any other activity.  You have to do Pilates to perform to your maximum capability in any other sport."

Natalie is in her first year as a full-time student at Westminster College.  In addition to skiing and rock climbing, Natalie also loves to hike.  Her favorite food is Sushi, and she really likes Sapa in downtown SLC  Her favorite color is a "gem-purple".  She hopes to travel the world to experience every other culture she can possibly think about!  And of course, she LOVES Pilates!


  1. Oh Natalie...I can't even count the many ways I love you! So glad to have you at the studio! :) xoxoxo

  2. Natalie is a rock star! Seriously the most dedicated 19 year old I have ever met! Our studio wouldn't be the same wit you Natalie!