Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Client Spotlight: Lindsay Breinholt

Lindsay is currently a Certified Nurse Midwife at St. Mark's Hospital, has been taking Pilates at IPTC for about 2 years and loves it when women have a muscular back and shoulders!  She has been married for a little over three years and is happy to announce that they recently purchased a home in Holladay that they hope to remodel. 

Lindsay grew up in Salt Lake City, went to Olympus High School, and enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities with her family growing up, including snowboarding, wakeboarding and of course... vacationing! She says she had fun with a great group of girlfriends in high school, but also considered herself a 'bookworm'. "I hardly ever missed school...I guess I was a good student!"  Her mom is a labor and delivery nurse and would teach Lamaze classes in her basement when she was a small child, so Lindsay grew up with women's health in her life.  

In junior high Lindsay decided she wanted to be a nurse as well.  She got her undergraduate degree at the University of Utah in nursing, and did her internship in labor and delivery at St. Mark's Hospital where she then worked for 4 years.  She went back to the U of U for her graduate degree with a double major as Certified Nurse Midwife and a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner.  She is technically a "nurse midwife" because she has a degree in nursing, which can be confusing for people as there are many different types of midwives.  Lindsay has her own private practice in St. Mark's Hospital, where she is a mid-level provider of ALL female health care!  "I do annual exams, pap smears, breast exams, menopausal management, hormone replacement therapy, pre-marital exams, infertility care, birth control...everything you would go to your OBGYN for, I do. It is a REAL clinic with one other midwife and an OBGYN physician. i am not squatting in fields with my patients or eating the placenta. Oh ya, I also shave my legs and don't own a pair of Birkenstocks." 

Lindsay explained that midwifery was the foundation for women's health care across the world.  "It really did start with women helping women, and that is what midwife means, 'with woman'.  These women were grandmothered into the position of being midwives by learning from friends or family how to care for women in labor and delivery.  Finally, formal education for midwives developed and continues to develop. Midwifery remains the core of women's health care in many other countries, but has unfortunately taken a back seat in western medicine, particularly on the west coast. More than anything, I want women to be educated about what kind of care a midwife can provide and that they have a choice when it comes to their own health care."  Lindsay says that her focus is definitely on family-centered care, listening to her patients needs and more face to face time. She limits her daily patients to an average of about 15 patients per day as opposed to some practitioners who see up to 60 patients per day! She is also present for her patient's delivery. She only delivers at St. Mark's Hospital. If her patients want an epidural they have that option, but if they choose to forego the epidural she provides labor support.  If patients require a cesarian, she assists in the surgery with the doctor and provides support after the surgery and delivery.  "My role is different. I provide medical care that is typically more personal than mainstream busy obstetric physicians."  About a year ago, Lindsay added aesthetic care for women as well.  She provides Botox and Juvederm treatments as well as selling Latisse (to promote eyelash growth). "I see women all day and I help women all day, so aesthetics naturally fit and has been a really fun way to help women feel great."

Lindsay will have a booth at the What a Woman Wants Show this Friday, April 8th from 10-8 and Saturday 10-6 at the South Towne Expo Center and you can visit her to learn more about her practice (you can even have some aesthetics done at her booth)!
Or if you can't make it to the Show but you are interested in contacting Lindsay about her practice, visit her website at, or grab her when you see her in class at IPTC!  

Lindsay started doing Pilates at Intermountain Pilates Training Center to support her husband's friends (the owners!), but she had never done Pilates before.  In fact, she admitted that when watching Pilates classes at the gym she thought  "It seemed so impersonal, so I just never wanted to do it!  But knowing that IPTC would be using reformers, focusing on a lot of core and diversity, that's what got me interested and definitely kept me coming.  I saw a real change in my body and strength within one month of attending about 3 times per week. About 2 years ago, right before starting Pilates, I had done P90X, and when I finished it I was ready to try something new.  I had built so much muscle that I didn't really feel like I lost any weight. I still felt like I had a thin layer of fat over the top of my muscle.  After starting Pilates, it was the first time I had done something and noticed results so quickly. Pilates helped me lean out and see muscle in areas that I hadn't seen muscle in a long time or ever, really!  It also helped me feel more lean than doing any other exercise as well as being more aware of my posture and even improving my running."  Lindsay still takes group classes 2-3 times per week, she also boxes 2-3 times per week to get some cardio and mix up her routine as well as running occasionally.

Lindsay also loves IPTC because "...I didn't expect to form such great friendships from coming to Pilates class. When I go to the gym I just put on my headphones, workout hard and don't chat with anyone.  But, at IPTC I feel like I'm getting a really great workout, i'm getting my money's worth, I'm seeing a difference, and I'm meeting some great, solid people. These people seem like they truly care about others, they're interested in you, and I think it's a palpable support system which is really cool and unexpected!"

Thanks, Lindsay, for spending some time with us every week!  We certainly care about our clients, and I whole-heartedly agree about our clients being really great, solid people who care about each other, too!  We love our clients!  

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