Monday, April 11, 2011

Keep on Movin'!

Need a little help putting a smile on your face to start the week?  These videos cheered me up!  You'll feel even better if you do some of the dance moves along with the video--why not throw on a sweatband, too?! ;)  Hope you enjoy...

Have you seen this Sundrop Soda Commercial?  We are not promoting the consumption of soda by posting this, but we are promoting having some fun and getting yourself moving!

What about this training video for New Zealand Air?  Richard Simmons taught me a lot about how to be safe and stress-free on my next flight!  Why can't more training videos be more like this?  I mean, I agree that safety comes first, but can't it also be made fun?  YES!  It can!

When was the last time you watched the OK GO Treadmill video? The most fun I've ever seen anyone having on a treadmill!

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